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Recording Studio News

Latest Projects - In room hotel promotions and eLearning

Cyrius Administration - Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 Continues to be in interesting year for us here at Ryde Recording Studio.  The last few projects have included some voiceover recordings for hotel in-room promotions, a voiceover recording for a new prototype eLearning project, aimed at teachers and schools and a wonderful digitization of a large recording project, initially done on MiniDisc, now transferred to digital for the purpose of transcribing for a book and for permanent digital archive purposes.  

Poetry CD Production Completed and Released

Cyrius Administration - Sunday, May 01, 2016

We were very proud to be associated with Susannah Fullerton's new CD production "Poetry to Fill a Room".  Susannah is an expert on Romantic literature and travels the world doing presentations and also running special interest tours to famous locations.  Her CD contained 38 wonderful poems from a wider range of romantic poets, like Sir Thomas Wyatt, Sir Walter Raleigh, William Blake, Shakespeare and many many more. 

The CD production was a delight to be involved with, although quite a mammoth task to ensure the highest quality in the format which requires a very clean and clear production. Fortunately, Susannah is very experienced at reading the poetry which made our job a lot easier.  Go to to find out all about Susannah and to order the CD.

We are very much looking forward to the next production! 















Looking forward, looking back

Cyrius Administration - Wednesday, December 18, 2013


While 2013 seemed to be a rather tumultuous year for many people on many fronts, it was a great year at Ryde Recording Studio. We took on many interesting and enlightening projects as well as making many improvements to the studio that will continue into 2014.

You can read our previous posts to see what projects we worked on this year. Suffice to say they have all been most enjoyable, especially the Podcast for Medical Observer. That has been our regular monthly production and a real eye-opener, as we get to hear from the greatest medical minds in the country.

Studio upgrades
We have decked the place out with awesome looking Auralex acoustic panels. Not only do they look great but they do a great job dampening the sound reflections around the room, so that monitoring is much cleaner.

We got many great new pieces of audio software this year to make creation and production more fun and better as well. We added the iZotope bundle of RX Advanced, Ozone, Nectar and Alloy, so we can do great work in the area of Audio repair, mastering and awesome vocals. We also upgraded our Native Instruments Komplete collection to the latest version 9. We added Arturia’s V-Collection of fabulous retro synthesizers, like the Moog, Prophet 5, Oberheim, Rolands, Yamahas and a bunch of great classic drum machines. We added Sonic Couture’s Geosonics, which has some amazing sounds captured from nature and their Crowd Choir, which we actually contributed to. On top of all that, we added numerous other plugins, like Synthmaster, a bunch of cool effects and samplers from Tronsonic, UVI and Steven Slate Drums, not to mention a huge collection of loops from Zero-G and others.

On the hardware front, we pretty much stuck with what we had all year, as it has been working great, but first thing in 2014 we will be upgrading our MacPro to 5.1 with some serious processing power and RAM to be able to handle any project we care to take on, no matter how complex.

Thank you to all our clients this year for an exciting and rewarding time. We are very much looking forward to the year ahead in 2014, with more production, more creative projects and more news from Ryde Recording Studio.


November run-down

Cyrius Administration - Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Final Medical Observer podcast for the year
This week we put the finishing edits and touches on the finalMedical Observer “Observations” podcast for 2013. Host Dr Annette Katelaris chose a very apt guest as the silly season approaches, addiction medicine specialist and neurologist, Professor Jon Currie. Professor Currie is promoting the fact that addiction is a brain disease and requires a mix of social support, psychological support and medical/pharmacological support. In the podcast he talks about very successful treatment regimes, using a combination of drugs and counselling. Ryde Recording Studio has been very proud to be involved in these very informative medical podcasts, aimed at doctors, but featuring great content that would appeal to a wider audience as well. We are looking forward to 2014 as Dr Annette brings even more first class guests onto her podcast to promote the improving health of our nation.

Audio post-production for “Women in Film” short film entry “Trapped”
Last week, we were approached by independent filmmaker Cierwen Newell to complete the audio post-production work on her self-scripted and directed excellent short film “Trapped”. The deadline was rapidly approaching for the 19th WOW Film Festival – and there were a number of things that needed addressing in the audio; mixing the dialogue with the music and taking care of various little niggly things that inevitably happen during the recording of live acting scenes. We were able to utilize the amazing piece of software, iZotope RXII Advanced (soon to be upgraded to RXIII Advanced!), which has some powerful tools, like noise reduction, gain manipulation and spectrographic editing tools, where you can literally ‘see’ the sound and edit it as you would edit and image.

Cierwen knew exactly what she wanted, with regard to the mixing, levels and compression, etc, as she has created a highly dramatic work and wants maximum impact for it. She is great to work with and we highly recommend her as a video/film producer/director.
Once all the glitches and levels were taken care of, we moved the whole project into Apple’s Logic Studio, where we applied a few little tricks like ducking compression to help the dialogue be more clearly audible even while the dramatic music was playing, and automated level controls for certain parts to lift or attenuate them within the multi-tracked audio, which included multiple dialogue tracks, multiple effects (FX) tracks and two music tracks.
We wish Cierwen all the very best with her short film. Trapped is an amazing effort for such a self-made boot-strapped production. Ryde Recording Studio is very proud to play our small part in the local film industry by being involved in Cierwen’s project.

September run-down

Cyrius Administration - Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September has been an interesting and enjoyable month at Ryde Recording Studio, here in Sydney. We have made some improvements to the studio itself. We have been enjoying the release of our second song on iTunes, been digitizing some very interesting old LPs and 78s, recorded an avant-garde Japanese flute piece, a new medical podcast, cleaned up some audio for a court case and recorded a voiceover for a guided tour of a famous historical Sydney location. We recorded some more hotel in-room voiceovers. We have also begun our search for some talented students to get some real-world work experience under their belts.

Auralex and Auratone
We recently acquired a few boxes of Auralex acoustic foam to treat our walls. Auralex is famous for its attractive and effective sound absorption foam tiles. The studio now looks great and sounds even better with much more dampening of reflective sound and just the sound of the reference monitors being most prominent. We are continuing to improve our recording studio all the time.

Auratone speakers are the industry standard reference monitors for checking what recordings sound like through 'bad' speakers. Once a recording is done using the high-quality studio reference speakers, it is always good to check through the Auratones, to be sure the sound is still good without the luxury of fabulous hi-fi. We have had our Auratones for so long that they had corroded and failed. So we just had them repaired at Speaker Works North Strathfieldand we have now reinstated them in the studio.

Mind Your Back
Mind Your Back, a song we wrote and produced for ParaQuad NSW, promoting spinal cord injury prevention amongst teenagers and young adults, is now live and selling on iTunes. All the feedback so far has been great and we look forward to the ParaQuad NSW campaign getting into full swing, rolling out in schools across the state and marketing through radio, Web and perhaps even a bit of TV. You can buy the song on iTunes here

LP and 78 digitization
Everyone has old audio recordings lying around on vinyl, tape or disc of all description. Why not preserve these old recordings in digital form? Here at our recording studio in Sydney, we also offer the service to digitize these. Since it is a time-consuming task, we can do it in our down-time, thereby reducing the cost for you. Once captured, we run some digital clean-up and enhancement tools, to get the old recordings sounding as good as they can. Recently, we were handed some interesting old LPs and 78s, including a very old Japanese recording. We have been able to clean it up quiet nicely, restoring it and preserving it in digital format for the owner.

Flute solo recording
A local student came to us to record an interesting modern Japanese flute solo composition for their HSC and also as part of a scholarship application. It was a pleasure to record something so different, especially as it is helping a student to further their education and career. We recorded a very clean version, applied some simple editing and cleaned it up, so as to get it as pure as possible. Then added some very effective reverb with a ‘room simulator’ to give it a truly realistic sound of being played in a Japanese temple. The student was really pleased with the final result.

Medical Observer Podcast interview
Our continuing relationship with Medical Observer Magazinesaw us recording another podcast interview with Dr Annette Katelaris. This time it was diabetes expert, Professor Jonathan Shaw, associate director of Baker IDI, heart and diabetes institute. By doing this podcast recording, we are learning so much about medical issues these days. It is truly a rewarding part of our job as recording engineers, to be exposed to all this great material. Thank you Medical Observer for using Ryde Recording Studio for your ongoing podcast needs.

Legal Work – Audio enhancement
This month we were approached to clean up a tape recording of a threatening telephone message, to be played in court as part of a legal case. It was a challenge to take a very poor recording and clean it up as much as we could, so that it would be more effective when played in court. This kind of work is challenging and exciting and we do like to offer the audio forensic and audio enhancement service to the legal and law enforcement professions. We must be careful about the legalities of such recordings. So please be aware that we can only do such work by authorised legal and law enforcement professionals and we may seek an affidavit that the recordings were made legally, before we can accept the project.

Tank Stream voiceover
Thanks to Sydney production company Pear-Shop, we were asked to record the voiceover for a famous historical landmark, the Sydney Tank Stream. Sydney Water is setting up tours of the Tank Stream and the voiceover is part of the video installation, to give tourists the full run-down and history of the Tank Stream, Sydney’s very first freshwater supply. We look forward to Pear Shop finishing the installation and hearing the very nicely recorded and mastered voiceover informing and fascinating visitors.

Hotel voiceovers
Once again, a regular client of ours came back to do some more hotel in-room voiceovers. This time it was for the Sheraton Hotel and Holiday Inn. These informative recordings make guests aware of all the great facilities of the hotel and make them feel welcome with a warm and friendly style. Ryde Recording Studio is happy to be able to provide these voiceover recording services.

Work Experience/Internships
Ryde Recording Studio in Sydney, this month has put the call-out to audio engineering students for work experience opportunities. We love to be a part of helping young people develop their careers with hands-on real world experience. It also means that our studio is being put to good use in any down-time that we have. Initial responses to our call-out have been fantastic, with almost 20 students willing to offer their time and get their hands dirty. Over the next few weeks we will be interviewing and screening these applicants to find the right students of both engineering and music to contribute to our creative and professional output.

Stay tuned for more updates from Ryde Recording Studio, here in Sydney.

recording studio news

Latest Projects - In room hotel promotions and eLearning

2016 Continues to be in interesting year for us here at Ryde Recording Studio.  The last few projects have included some voiceover recordin...

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