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Recording Studio News

Exciting Safety Podcast in production for 3M

Stefan Sojka - Monday, April 30, 2018

We are really excited to be involved with a new 'in production' Podcast by 3M Australia.  The last month or so has seen us recording many interviews and other bits and pieces that are now in post production and being polished for final release.  We can’t say too much yet, but the production is well under way and the episodes will be released soon!  The podcast format is a great way to reach business-to-business customers and suppliers, to communicate all kinds of information, technical, advice, industry news, etc.  It also gives our client the opportunity to position themselves as pro-active and authoritative in their industry. 

Employment Services Company Podcast

Stefan Sojka - Monday, October 02, 2017

We were proud to have been invited to help produce a business-to-business podcast by Employsure, to highlight employment issues.  'Employsure Essentials' covers complexities faced by employers around issues like overtime, unfair dismissal, Work Health and Safety and many other topics.  Scott McGrath from Employsure was the host and did a great job interviewing various employment specialists to get the information out to businesses in an easy-to-digest an informative format.   We provided direction, advice and post-production services from audio recordings they did out in the field. This presented some challenges with regard to consistency and quality, but with the right treatment and attention, the episodes all came out really well. 

Latest Projects - In room hotel promotions and eLearning

Stefan Sojka - Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 Continues to be in interesting year for us here at Ryde Recording Studio.  The last few projects have included some voiceover recordings for hotel in-room promotions, a voiceover recording for a new prototype eLearning project, aimed at teachers and schools and a wonderful digitization of a large recording project, initially done on MiniDisc, now transferred to digital for the purpose of transcribing for a book and for permanent digital archive purposes.  

Poetry CD Production Completed and Released

Stefan Sojka - Sunday, May 01, 2016

We were very proud to be associated with Susannah Fullerton's new CD production "Poetry to Fill a Room".  Susannah is an expert on Romantic literature and travels the world doing presentations and also running special interest tours to famous locations.  Her CD contained 38 wonderful poems from a wider range of romantic poets, like Sir Thomas Wyatt, Sir Walter Raleigh, William Blake, Shakespeare and many many more. 

The CD production was a delight to be involved with, although quite a mammoth task to ensure the highest quality in the format which requires a very clean and clear production. Fortunately, Susannah is very experienced at reading the poetry which made our job a lot easier.  Go to to find out all about Susannah and to order the CD.

We are very much looking forward to the next production! 















Looking forward, looking back

Stefan Sojka - Wednesday, December 18, 2013


While 2013 seemed to be a rather tumultuous year for many people on many fronts, it was a great year at Ryde Recording Studio. We took on many interesting and enlightening projects as well as making many improvements to the studio that will continue into 2014.

You can read our previous posts to see what projects we worked on this year. Suffice to say they have all been most enjoyable, especially the Podcast for Medical Observer. That has been our regular monthly production and a real eye-opener, as we get to hear from the greatest medical minds in the country.

Studio upgrades
We have decked the place out with awesome looking Auralex acoustic panels. Not only do they look great but they do a great job dampening the sound reflections around the room, so that monitoring is much cleaner.

We got many great new pieces of audio software this year to make creation and production more fun and better as well. We added the iZotope bundle of RX Advanced, Ozone, Nectar and Alloy, so we can do great work in the area of Audio repair, mastering and awesome vocals. We also upgraded our Native Instruments Komplete collection to the latest version 9. We added Arturia’s V-Collection of fabulous retro synthesizers, like the Moog, Prophet 5, Oberheim, Rolands, Yamahas and a bunch of great classic drum machines. We added Sonic Couture’s Geosonics, which has some amazing sounds captured from nature and their Crowd Choir, which we actually contributed to. On top of all that, we added numerous other plugins, like Synthmaster, a bunch of cool effects and samplers from Tronsonic, UVI and Steven Slate Drums, not to mention a huge collection of loops from Zero-G and others.

On the hardware front, we pretty much stuck with what we had all year, as it has been working great, but first thing in 2014 we will be upgrading our MacPro to 5.1 with some serious processing power and RAM to be able to handle any project we care to take on, no matter how complex.

Thank you to all our clients this year for an exciting and rewarding time. We are very much looking forward to the year ahead in 2014, with more production, more creative projects and more news from Ryde Recording Studio.


recording studio news

Exciting Safety Podcast in production for 3M

We are really excited to be involved with a new 'in production' Podcast by 3M Australia.  The last month or so has seen us recording many i...

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