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Yamaha RX11 Drum Machine


Digital Rhythm Programmer, preserving the power and purity of live drums. The RX11 offers 29 different drum and percussion sounds, including Bass, Snare, Rimshot, High Hat, Tom Tom, Ride, Crash, Claps, Cowbell, and Shaker.

Full Description



  • ave Rom x 6)
  • 29 Voices
  • 100
  • 10 (Maximum 255 Parts per Song)
  • Volume, Tempo, Data Entry
  • Pan, Instrument Level, Accent Level, Accent, Instrument (SD 1,2 [Heavy, Medium, Light, Hi-Tune 1~5), Tom 1~4, BD 1,2], Shaker, Claps 1,2) , Start, and Stop-Continue
  • Mode Selector (Pattern-Song, Function), Pattern Mode Parameter (Real Time Write, Step Write, Copy, Swing, Quantize, Click, Clear, Tempo), Song Mode Parameter (Edit, Insert, Delete, Repeat, Tempo Change), Function Mode Parameter (Sync, Cassette, Cartridge, Save-Verify, Load, Inst, MIDI In-Out), Number (0~9, 1/4~1/192)
  • Power SW
  • 16 Characters - LED Display
LED Indicator:
  • Pattern, Song, Run
Audio Terminals:
  • Output - 1~12, L and R Phones
Control Jack:
  • Foot Switch
  • Ram Cartridge, MIDI-In, MIDI-Out, Cassette In-Out
  • 400(w) x 68(h) x 270(d) mm
  • 3.1kg
Power Consumption:
  • 10W


One of the best drum machines of all time. Bassdrum 3 kicks like a mule. And Snare lite. Is the second best snare sample ever after the mighty DMX. There are some under par samples as with all machines. But Bassdrum 3, Snarelite. Clap 1, Rimshot 1, closed hat 2, the shaker and cowbells are awesome. They are perfect for that 80s Electro-pop-funk sound. When you gate Bassdrum 3 and Snarelite and add the clap, forget about it. No other drum machine except the DMX will sound better. For electro, freestyle beats.

From Phase11

I think the sounds are very realistic and very punchy than most drum machines I know today. Although it's an 8 bit but no need to EQ the drum sounds. If you like heavy jazz fusion, this will do the work. It makes it even better to add a little reverb to the drum sounds to bring out the music. This was one of the drum machines of what Roger Powell used on one of his songs, Free From Dance Fusion back in the 1980's however, I don't think you will find it anywhere nor the album Connections to the Outside World. Anyhow I could be wrong on this though.

Clifford Bryant

Reviews from Sonic State


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