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Yamaha P250 Digital Stage Piano


If you play music for a living, you deserve a digital piano that offers the finest selection of acoustic pianos, organs, electric pianos and other essential keyboard sounds. You deserve a hammer-action keyboard that's so smooth and responsive it feels just like a real piano.

You deserve comprehensive master controller functions and full XG MIDI implementation for connecting to computers, synth modules and other equipment in your musical arsenal. You deserve the P-250.

Full Description



  • 1,391mm (54 3/4")
  • 170mm (6 2/3")
  • 460mm (18 1/10")
  • 32.5kg (70.6lbs.)
Control Interface
Number of Keys:
  • 88
  • Granded Hammer Effect Keyboard
Other Controllers  
Pitch Bend:
  • Yes
  • Yes
Control Slider:
  • Volume Slider
  • 24-character x 2-line LCD
  • Yes
Tone Generation  
  • AWM
Dynamic Levels:
  • 3-layer Dynamic Stereo Sampling
  • Max. 128 notes
Number of Voices:
  • 45 voices
Performance voices:
  • 32 performances x max. 135 files
XG voices:
  • 480 voices + 12 drum kits


Keyboard Magazine August 2005


Don't you love that unmistakable feeling of sitting down at a gorgeous Bosendorfer or Hamburg Steinway and thinking that it could be an amazing instrument for that next gig? At least until reality sets in and you realize you're short a couple hundred G's, a road crew, and a professional tuner. Thank goodness for electronic stage pianos, instruments that seek to give a similar experience, but with superior portability, lower cost, and lots of nifty features to boot.

Sit down at the Yamaha P250, turn up the built-in speakers, close your eyes, and feel the piano envy slip away. A solid, fun, all-in-one instrument, the P250 combines a well-crafted piano action with excellent sounds, a 16-track sequencer, and MIDI controller capabilities.

The P250 is an expressive, intuitive instrument that will delight many players. If a truly acoustic feel is what you're after, and you can haul this reasonably hefty axe, it's worth a serious look. The built-in speakers and ease of use also make it a strong candidate for technological newbies, players who gig in smaller venues, and folks who just don't want to deal with external amplifiers. Not to say the P250 won't find a home with touring pros - many road warriors will continue to favor it for its mix of authentic piano mimicry and relative portability.

If a stage piano with built-in speakers is truly what you're after, you might also consider laying your fingers on the slimmer Casio Previa PX300 and the Roland FP-5 as part of your search, though the P250's combination of power and quality sound will be hard to top. And if internal speakers aren't that big a deal, the RD-700SX also presents an appealing package - see Keyboard's April '05 issue for a full review.

With strong piano sounds, touch, and amplification, I think the P250 lives up to Yamaha's claims. If you're in the market for a stage piano, be sure to give this one a whirl and see if it doesn't make that piano envy disappear.


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