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Samson UHF Series One Wireless Guitar Receiver


The revolutionary AirLine "plug-in" guitar transmitters come in two versions: the AF1 for Stratocatser-style inputs and the AG1 for traditional Gibson-style end-mount inputs and all others. Less than half the size of conventional body packs, these miniaturized transmitters run on a tiny triple-A battery with 14-hour battery life. Both feature an array of on-board controls: A Power On/Off and Mute switch, red/green LED for Power On/Off, a Peak LED and an Input Level control for different pickups.

Full Description



Transmitter (AF1 / AG1)

RF Output Power:
  • (5mW) -4dB Minimum, +3dB Maximum
Frequency Stability:
  • -40kHz Minimum, 40kHz Maximum
  • 1µW
Modulation Factor:
  • 13kHz Minimum, 15kHz Typical, 17kHz Maximum, Input 1kHz-10dBv
  • 50 µsec
Maximum Input Level:
  • +2 dBv
Input Impedance:
  • 2K ohms
  • < 2% (1 kHz deviation 15kHz)
Audio Frequency Response:
  • 50Hz - 15kHz (±3.5 dB)
Operating Power Voltage:
  • 1.5V Typical, 1.05V Minimum, 2V Maximum
Current Consumption:
  • 60mA Typical
Battery Life14 Hours:
  • (AAA size battery)
  • 6.3mm / 1/4 in. mono Jack
  • Permanently attached 1/4 wave length wire
  • Power Switch, 15 dB Pad Switch
  • Power On (LED Flash), Low Battery (LED On when less than 1.1V)



I like it. I'm the type that likes to get out there with the crowd and dance around like a fool, so this keeps me from doing a clothesline to the crowd while I'm running around. The nicest part of the whole thing, for real, there's nothing to trip on! I did a test with the unit and without and I didn't notice any signal loss or degradation of sound quality. I'm sure that there is some, but it's not noticeable. In my honest opinion, everyone should at least try a wireless at one time or another. There's nothing like being able to stand out in the auditorium during sound check to really hear your sound like the crowd will.


Pretty basic and straight forward... Output level on the base unit, as well as squelch control, signal strength LED's, dual receivers and active receiver indicator. The body pack has power on/off, battery strength, input level, and a mute switch. The unit also has 2 very small rubber antennas that fold back flush against the face of the unit (I like that).

Sound Quality

Well, it took some fiddling, but I finally got the noise out of it. It took forever to get the settings just right, but then I realized that the preamp battery in my guitar was dead (dummy). After replacing that with a fresh one, I was able to turn the settings back to almost factory with good quality sound. There is a little bit of hiss, but it's hardly noticeable. The amount of hiss is equal to what I got without the unit (plugged in direct). The practice room doesn't have that good of wiring to begin with. The best feature of all is the fact that I could probably walk half way down the street outside and still play with no problems. It's got a great range.

Ease of Use

Pretty straight forward, plug in, set controls (one time deal), and go.


So far I haven't had a single problem (knock on wood). I haven't seen any bad reviews about Samson customer service.

Brad Baldwin on Active


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