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Novation 61 SL MkII Controller Keyboard


SL Mk II has been designed to give you complete control over your music making software. Novation has worked with each of the main DAW manufacturers to make sure each of the 56 knobs, faders and buttons control the things in your software that you need them to control. However, the really clever bit is that SL MkII can directly control your plug-in instruments and FX (you also get an Italian made, semi-weighted keyboard mechanism).

Full Description


Physical controls

  • 8 Encoders (Infinite Rotation) with touch-sensitivity and 11 segment Led rings
  • 8 Pots (270 Rotation) with touch-sensitivity
  • 8 Sliders with touch-sensitivity
  • 32 Buttons with integrated LEDs (37 in MIDI mode]
  • 8 soft feel Trigger pads
  • Xpression Pad (as on existing SL)
  • Xpression Stick (as on existing SL)
  • Touch sensitive Speed Dial (as on Nocturn)

System buttons

  • General Automap Operation Buttons (Learn, View, Browser Groups etc.)
  • Octave up/down buttons with LED indicator
  • 1 Automap button with LED to toggle Automap mode on and off (this replaces the PLAY button) – this way, manual MIDI mode is separate from Automap mode and can be avoided completely if preferred
  • Template and Edit modes have been combined into one edit mode, for editing both individual controls and overall settings within one Template


  • Data Port: 1 x USB (Win XP/Vista and Mac OSX – Not Class Compliant
  • Sustain Pedal: 1 x 1/4 Jack Input
  • Expression pedal: 1 x 1/4 Jack Input
  • Power switch: Ext DC/USB

W=965mm, H=68mm, D=293mm

Net weight >: 6.1kg / unit


The combination of a high-quality velocity-sensitive keyboard, Automap software, a large LCD screen, and touch-sensitive knobs and faders make the Novation SL MKII series keyboards probably the most useful controllers in the industry. Great-feeling keyboard action, sturdy knobs, lots of buttons, and an X/Y touch pad make the hardware fantastic, and the Automap software really simplifies integration with your studio.

We love the hardware for the most part – it's got everything you need to control your plug-ins, and everything is laid out well. Bright LEDs around the knobs let you know where the settings are at all times, and the LCD screen is clear and easy to read. Plus, because it uses rotary encoders instead of fixed knobs, you always know the value of parameters.

We only have two concerns: spacing of the knobs, and the drum pads. Everything was just a little too close together for our big fingers. The knobs feel good, but we could use a little more distance between them. The drum pads don't really convince us that they're great for punching out rhythms, plus, they're too close to the knobs above them.

The Automap software rocks because it is easy to use and takes hardware control to a whole new level. Even if you decide not to go with an SL MKII controller, we encourage you to pick up something from Novation that takes advantage of this wonderful software.

Excerpt from Music Players


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