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M-Audio Midisport 8x8 Interface


MAudio Midisport USB 8x8 MIDI Interface

The flagship of the MIDISPORT line, the USB MIDISPORT 8x8/s, is a powerhouse with features and bandwidth to burn. In addition to being a gateway to the high speed and enormous channel capacity that USB offers, the MIDISPORT 8x8/s may also be connected to the "legacy" serial ports of older computers. Rock-solid drivers on both Apple Computer and PC, full SMPTE implementation, and the ability to run multiple units simultaneously are just a few of the reasons this interface is the one to choose. Add to that stand-alone MIDI patchbay operation, a MIDI cable tester, and an easy-to-read front panel design, and it's easy to see why the MIDISPORT 8x8/s is the most sought after multi-port MIDI interface on the market today.

Full Description


  • 8 independent in/8 independent out MIDI Interface (128x128 MIDI channels) in professional 19" single height rack mount chassis.
  • High-speed connection to USB-equipped PC or Apple computers.
  • Alternate "legacy" serial connection to non-USB PC or Apple computers.
  • MIDI in and out activity indicators for each port.
  • Includes 6 ft. USB cable.
  • When disconnected from the PC, unit operates as a stand-alone MIDI patchbay.
  • Built-in "MIDI cable tester" mode.
  • Windows 98 compatible - true Plug-and-Play installation requires no IRQ, I/O Address, or DMA channel setup.
  • Mac OMS Compatible. Works with Mac OS 8.6 and above.
  • Includes Windows and Mac Control Panel software.
  • SMPTE Time Code Writer/Reader
  • Reads and writes 24, 25, 29.97, 30 drop, or 30 non-drop frame LTC SMPTE formats.
  • Any SMPTE time write offset may be set-up via included control panel software.
  • Converts LTC to MIDI Time Code (MTC) for syncing any MTC capable software.
  • Selectable "flywheel" that can be set to any value from 1 frame to 255 frames, or forever.
  • Can perfectly regenerate even the worst SMPTE Time Code.


With eight full-duplex MIDI ports (one pair on the front panel), plus SMPTE time-code, a MIDI reset button, built-in cable tester, and a great MIDI Thru mode, this is a very flexible and powerful tool for studio MIDI production. The MIDI performance is rock-solid. Although I don't use SMPTE very much, the time-code writer supports several different formats and works great.

My favorite feature about this unit is the MIDI Thru function. With a press of a button, you can put it in MIDI Thru mode, sending input from any port to all eight Out ports. This is really perfect for me, since I use a variety of MIDI instruments for composing but only one synth most of the time. Whatever instrument I use, the output finds its way to the synth (and everything else plugged into the thing). No more cable swapping for me! When I finally get back to work, I just punch it back into USB mode and all the ports are directed back to my PC. Very cool.

Of course, the best thing about an 8x8 MIDI interface is having eight MIDI ports to work with. If you're already using three or four ports and considering getting more, I suggest looking very closely at the MidiSport 8x8. You might pay a bit more now, but in the long run you'll save a few bucks and get more features than buying half a dozen smaller MIDI interfaces. Plus, the single rack-space design really helps cut down the studio clutter, and it looks great in a rack. Take it from me, I was building quite a little tower of MIDI boxes before I invested in the 8x8. I love this thing!

Like most MIDIMAN USB products, installation is a breeze. Just plug it in, install the drivers, and you're good to go.

If all you need is a couple extra MIDI ports, and you're certain you'll never need more, then consider looking at the MidiSport 2x2 or 4x4. I owned two 2x2s before getting my 8x8 and they were also great performers. If you think you ever might need more ports, though, I recommend the 8x8. There's nothing like the peace of mind and freedom of knowing you have MIDI ports to spare.

Heather Haze on Zzounds


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