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Kore 2 Controller & Player


With the introduction of KORE 1, Native Instruments provided a unifying solution to the conflicting, multiple instrument and plug-in interfaces from all the various manufacturers in the marketplace. The original did not ship with any built-in sounds, but did provide a DAW audio interface.

With KORE 2, the situation is slightly reversed. While an audio interface is no longer part of the controller, NI has taken six of their premier software-instrument engines, and created a "Super Instrument" with five-hundred sounds (including over three-thousand variations) and four-hundred FX sounds, ready for immediate use.

Full Description


To help with managing and using such a large library, KORE 2 includes an ultra-fast KoreSound browser that can immediately access any sound by choosing its desired musical characteristic. The KoreSound format also provides the ability to store even the most complex user instrument and effect combinations.

The controller has been slightly redesigned and is perfectly matched to the KORE system. A high-resolution, back-lit display is context sensitive and depending on the selected function, provides the configuration of the eight knobs and buttons, controller assignments and current values, plus a complete menu overview.

The rear panel of the controller provides MIDI in and out jacks, two footswitch and two pedal inputs, along with the USB 2.0 interface. New sounds can be easily created using drag-and-drop functionality in the Sound Matrix, and the sound library can be expanded with optional KORESOUND PACKS.

Note! KORE 2 controller does not function as an audio interface.


  • Includes audio engines from REAKTOR, MASSIVE, ABSYNTH, FM8, KONTAKT and GUITAR RIG with five-hundred unique KoreSounds
  • Sound Variations for every Kore sound with up to eight variations that can be morphed into each other
  • Loads Audio Unit and VST plug-ins with easy preset-import for immediate use
  • Fast KoreSound-Browser finds any sound according to its musical attributes
  • Drag-and-Drop user interface for a fast work-flow
  • Thirty effects ranging from classic to creative tools
  • Powerful routing/layering possibilities based on a highly flexible audio and MIDI signal flow
  • Built-in arpeggiator and step sequencer with real-time control
  • Pre-configured for perfect integration with KOMPLETE with all the sounds already assigned to the knobs and buttons on the KORE 2 interface


  • Perfectly integrated hardware controller for analog-style sound control and complete software navigation
  • Tight interaction with the KORE 2 software on all levels
  • Precise pressure point navigation buttons
  • Optimized navigation area with a slightly altered layout compared to KORE 1. Load, control, perform, morph and save available directly from the hardware
  • Precision jog wheel for scrolling through functions and lists


Kore 2 a Great Product Native instruments kore 2 is a great product. With a huge sound library. the controller creates an easy interface to tune your sound and record/mix. It also loads easily with fl studio. I also downloaded some great sound packs. Overall great software – by Jay

It's Worth the Headache

It took me a while to learn this program. The manual doesn't help much but the user forums are great. You really have to spend some time with this to realize the beauty of it. Basically if it's not working right you're probably doing something wrong. Check the forums cause somebody's already been there. I can't get enough of it now and would definitely recommend this if you have some patience – By Chris

Kore 2 Nice

I use this product to make techno and house music specifically but it could be used for many many genres. the soundset is great and a really good way to jump into the suite of NI products without having to get all the way into each device of the NI Komplete suite (even though you still can if you grow out of this soundset.) As with all NI stuff it's just a little bit trickier than lets' say Reason or Ableton, but again the sounds are A+ and when you just need a clean bass or a nice drum kit or a cool synth lead, this is really a nice product. I like the controls which are already mapped out for you and there is much more control possible if you want to go programming – by VonS

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