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Euphonix MC Transport (Now AVID Artist Transport)


Experience a new level of control with Artist Transport–a compact media controller that enables you to quickly navigate and edit projects with just one hand. Get the features and tactile feel of a high-end console transport section in a more affordable, portable solution that's ideal for laptop use–and the perfect add-on to Artist Mix and Artist Color.

Full Description


  • Speed up tasks with the assignable, weighted data wheel
  • Move through your project using the assignable, spring-loaded shuttle ring
  • Trigger keyboard shortcuts, macro commands, and more with six programmable Soft Keys
  • Navigate through projects fast using seven programmable transport controls with multi-color status LEDs
  • Quickly navigate to time code/markers or edit parameters using the integrated numeric keypad
  • View time code, parameter names/values, and more through high-resolution OLED display
  • Get high-speed, high-resolution control through Ethernet connectivity
  • Take control of software using EUCON, HUI, or Mackie Control protocols
  • Control multiple applications and workstations
  • Slim, compact design for easy studio integration and portability


I love this device…Eucon is great with Pro Tools and Logic. But aside from audio, I also use it to control other desktop programs. You can literally turn any command into a shortcut Macros. Ideal for those that are space conscious and don't want to compromise on features. The MC Transport and MC Mix allows me to focus more on the mix and less on the controls (I know it sounds corny and cliche but it is true).

Islo on Synthtopia

The MC Transport has an enormous and very positive-feeling jog-wheel with an outer shuttle-ring, full transport and navigation controls, six assignable soft-keys, timecode display and a numeric keypad. Adding the MC Transport to the MC Control, the MC Mix, or both will allow you to nearly eradicate the varmints from your workspace. While the ability to move through your sessions with ease is an obvious advantage, the soft-keys allow you to change the functionality of the jog-wheel and shuttle-ring on the fly. It's a deceptively powerful control surface all on its own, and one that will keep many mundane editing tasks from being so thoroughly annoying.

Excerpt from Tape Op


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Voiceover recordings can be used for advertising, instruction, demonstration, documentary, meditation CDs... in fact any medium where communication in the spoken word is required. We do raw or finished professional recordings and voiceover demos.

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We have a range of external devices, such as portable recorders, mini-disc players, even cassette decks and micro-cassette recorders, so we can digitize whatever it is that you have to work with. Special rates available for digitization projects.

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