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CreamWare A16 Ultra AD/DA Converter


The CreamWare A16 Ultra Professional 16-Channel AD/DA Converter houses 16 high-quality, flexible A/D/A converters with 16 analog inputs and outputs for excellent sound quality. 2 ADAT interfaces and 2 Z-Link interfaces offer versatile integration into all kinds of studio setups.

Whether you're working with I/O cards, digital mixers, or digital musical instruments, the A16 converts your digital data streams reliably and professionally to audio signals. Likewise, it brings your analog signals into the digital domain with absolute fidelity.

Full Description


  • 16 high-quality 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters
  • Supports sample rates of 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96kHz
  • 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs
  • Balanced phone jacks switchable between -10 dBv and +4dBu
  • 2 independent ADAT interfaces with 24-bit 8-channel I/Os
  • S-Mux permits ADAT transfers of 96kHz audio
  • System memory retains settings


I used it for 6 years with a pro 16 Scope DSP card and a PulsarII 8 DSP. I've had in the meantime an RME Fireface 800 that I don't have retained, for despite the advantage of its integrated preamplifiers correct quality, the quality of the converters is not as good as the A16 Ultra, and management of this converter app is significantly below Creamware Scope Fusion.

I appreciate the quality of the symmetrized connection, dual ADAT, the very highest quality professional scanning. The value for money is that good.

I would do without hesitation that choice, and I will not separate myself from this converter, because c is for me the kind of final material.

Bazzzoukk (Translated)

It does what it's told to do. 16 channel in/out. 2 ADAT light-pipe in/out, Z-Link. Works with both balanced and unbalanced stuff. Can be used with any ADAT-unit that has either Z-Link (Creamware's own interface) or light-pipe. Got some nice synchronization capabilities. But only 44 or 48KHz.

The AD/DA converters are good... but for being an ADAT-converter it's not so much to brag about. For the money it's great! I had never worked with digital recording before I got this, so I had to learn about how the signaling stuff works. Not so much that you have to know, really. Just plug 'n' play!

Box of metal – should not break if you don't throw it on the ground. I've had some problems with the fan in it. It started sounding loud. No big problem, I just opened it and moved it to the side a little. Fixed. But the fan still makes some noise.

Overall Opinion – If it wasn't for the noisy fan I would give it 1.5 more points... and if it had a higher sample rate I would add 1.5 more... except from that (+ that it's not so nice to look at if someone is interested in that fact) it's a really great unit! Perfect breakout box for all Creamware soundcard with Z-link or 2 light-pipe interface owners.

Used since 2004, his 16 in / out and support the audio stream by the DSP cards make its indisputable strength and compared to other stuff like MOTU and Reverend, are relative amount of tracks / price / quality is simply amazing.

I realized these converters with several albums released on the market and recognized by the community for their pro sound quality.

Reviews from Audio Fanzine


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