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Behringer UltraPatch Pro PX2000 Patch Bay


The ULTRAPATCH PRO PX2000 allows to patch the audio signals of most components in your studio from a central point and send them to other units, which makes your entire cabling better structured and is indispensable for professional work. If you want to use your studio as effectively as possible then it is preferable to use a complete patch bay wiring scheme, but even less sophisticated patch bay solutions will benefit smaller studio configurations.

With the BEHRINGER ULTRAPATCH PRO PX2000 you will own an easy-to-use 24-patchbay offering phone jacks throughout, which can be operated in four different modes simply by setting a switch on the upper panel.

Full Description


  • 4-Mode Multi-Functional 48-Point Patch Bay
  • Professional patch bay to keep everything under control
  • 24-point patch bay completely equipped with phone jacks
  • Four different modes at the flick of a switch: parallel, half-normalized, normalized, open
  • High-grade components include metal housing, metal ring jacks and fiberglass boards
  • Width: 482.6 mm (19 in.)
  • Height: 1 HU
  • Depth: 93 mm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg, approximately
  • Connectors: 1/4 in. jack unbalanced


If you have a multitrack and a few DSPs, or even an amp and a few different pieces of rack gear, a patch bay may be for you. This one is a godsend for me, and as patch bays go, there's not a thing wrong with this inexpensive unit.

Home Recorder, Italy

I wasn't 100% convinced I needed a patch-bay until I got this thing installed in my studio rack. Now I route practically everything through it. It's hard to imagine how I ever lived without a patch bay, and more specifically THIS patch bay. What makes the Ultrapatch so special is its flexibility. Every pair of patches features a switch on the top of the rack, which determines how the signal will be routed.

For example, say you have a synthesizer that is usually connected to two channels of your mixing board, but occasionally want to patch it to a different board for auditioning. Connected through the patch bay, you can choose how the signal will (or will not be) routed when you patch the cables in. It can interrupt the synth from going to the main mixer entirely, or bridge the signal to both the main and sub-mixers. That's just a small example...there are many more ways of routing signals, and it's about as easy as it gets with this patch bay.

I mounted my Ultrapatch under a drawer in my rack, so if I ever need to change the switches or cabling in the back of the unit I can just remove the drawer to get to them. If you're better at cabling than I am and know exactly what you're doing, you probably won't have to worry about it at all once you've got everything set-up.

I have a home studio, and usually only run one or two tracks at a time (but I'm able to handle up to six when need be). I never knew how much I needed a patch bay until I actually got one, and I'm glad I chose the Ultrapatch. Granted, I haven't tried any others... but that's the beauty – I haven't needed any others.

Heather Haze

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