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Behringer Truth B2031A Monitor Speakers


When it comes to your studio recordings, you want honesty. In fact, considering how important your art is, you should demand it! That's why Behringer designed the B2031A Reference Monitors – to speak nothing but the TRUTH. Oh, they still sound great hooked up to your stereo or your video surround system, but they were really built with the studio in mind–where every note you play or sing is "under the microscope."

Full Description


  • High-Resolution, Active 2-Way Reference Studio Monitor
  • Ultra-linear frequency response from 50 Hz to 21 kHz with individual frequency diagrams
  • Built-in 265-Watt Bi-amp module with enormous power reserve
  • Ultra-high resolution ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
  • Long-throw 8 3/4" woofer with special polypropylene diaphragm and deformation-resistant aluminum die-cast chassis
  • Controlled dispersion characteristics and extremely large "sweet spot" owing to the unique BEHRINGER wave guide technology
  • Active crossover network with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters
  • Adjustable to a wide range of acoustic conditions and subwoofer operation
  • Separately controlled limiter for low and high frequency overload protection
  • Automatic standby mode (defeatable)
  • Magnetic shielding allows placement near computer monitors
  • Servo-balanced inputs with XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany


Unbeatable for the price. Power-save feature's threshold is a little too high for casual listening sometimes, but for studio work it's never a problem. They've survived a move from my parents house into my own house without any problems, and have endured a lot of careless power surges during power-up and power-down. The one was attacked by my cat, and the foam around the woofer got slightly sliced, but after I carefully repositioned the tiny V-shaped slices, it hasn't effected the sound at all.
The design is beautiful. They mean business. My friends are lined up to buy them when/if I eventually move on. They work amazingly for my setup. If I were going to upgrade my speakers, I'd have to upgrade my room first! I've had them for about 4 years now and have used them heavily. They've been solid. If you can't get these working, you probably have no chance with music. Plug, and play. I just bought the matching subwoofer unit for these. If something were to happen to them, I would replace them with the same item.


I'll start off this review by noting I've been using these monitors now for 7 years, so I'm not some excited newbie I'm actually a guy that's been recording for about 17 years now and have had this product for 7 years. I'll start by noting how flat these are. They are perfect in that whatever I play on them that sounds bad sounds bad on all other systems. Whatever sounds good translates to sounding good on other sources. Being I've had mine so long I have to rate the quality very high as I've had ZERO problems with mine - no joke... not one problem, though I've read some horror stories from some owners. That being said I'd like to note I've read some slight speculation on the net that the older models, such as mine, are far better in quality than the more current models... again though that is purely specualtion from 1-2 people. I've tried upgrading, cause we all want the supposed "best" no? I've tried Dynaudio BM15A's, Mackie HR824's (MK1 & MK2) and I keep coming back to these and returning the others. I will say, the new Mackies are awesome but the bass is just way too much for a "half-space" setup, meaning a setup where there's a wall right behind your speakers. The room acoustics need serious treating due to the Mackies low end response and that costs thousand in serious bass trap to fix the problem. I don't have this problem with the Behringers, yet I still have great tight punchy low end, just not as low as other brands go. In all honesty though most consumer listening sources don't have a good accurate sub 50hz response anyway. I don't know what else to say about them. I mean, they're flat, they're super accurate, they're super inexpensive, and I've had mine for 7 years and they're still going strong. Your mileage may vary of course so you're on your own. But after all this time I thought, "Why didn't I ever write a review? After all this time I think I have something valuable to contribute".

I have owned them for 5 years with no problems what-so-ever. Behringer is an amazing company that churns out amazing products at amazing prices. Considering that you can get a pair of Behringers for half the price of 1 of the Mackie 824s I would say it's outstanding.

They are still kickin ass after 5 years. Even if they were to blow out today I consider it a good use of my money.

Reviews from Zzounds



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